Common reasons why people don’t hire a Real Estate Agent to sell their house


Before we demystify the FSBO versus Realtor debate?

Why do People shy away from hiring a Real Estate Agent to sell their house?


Bad experience with a Real Estate Agency / Agent

There will be times in our lives where we engage in activities involving agents who buy or sell properties, either we are the buyer or the seller and we had a negative experience with them. We get traumatized and have this conclusion that “If that Real Estate Agent is like that, then everyone in that industry will treat me like he did.

Or worst, you are not the buyer nor the seller, you are just a spectator of the whole transaction, you saw how this realtor manipulates the whole process for his gain, and you created a story that hiring a land agent is a SCAM.

I want to save money, I’d rather save the commission I will pay to those Real Estate Agents, and they are EXPENSIVE 



Some sellers see the hiring of a Broker or an Agent as just liability and will decrease the money that they will get from the sale.


My house is in the heart of the city, if I post for sale outside my door, I can sell my house in no time!


One of the most encouraging factors to sell your home is, if there’s high traffic in your area, people will not find it hard to see that your house is for sale.

But mind you, you are selling a home, not a baked cookie or lemonade. There are a lot of paper works involved in selling a house.


I KNOW BETTER – Anything I touch turns into Gold


Maybe the home seller is a salesman, a manager, an attorney, or a person who thinks he or she knows everything because he or she read the book “How to sell your home FAST on your own for Dummies”. 

If ever that book exists, we do hope that it is complete, precise, and timely.

Meaning all the laws about Real Estate in your locality are included. 


These biases will linger at the back of our heads, itching their way to reality and will block us from learning new information about the Real Estate Industry as a whole.

Now you know the common blocks that hinder us from hiring a Real Estate Agent who will do the selling transaction? What is FSBO?

Or a better question is…

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