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Sell your home with a Realtor and see the Magic Happens!

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They have the 3 E’s Expertise / Education / Experience

Expert Professional Real Estate Agent


Real Estate People learned their crafts and were tested before venturing out in the world.If you have at least the 2 E’s in that equation for instance Education and Expertise, Home Buyers will still see you as a professional and will make you more seriously.

 Let’s face the fact that our world is full of people who wants to take advantage of others and in Real Estate transactions are no exemption, you need to know the ins and outs to get a successful + satisfying deal.

 You can also tap into your Real Estate Agent’s knowledge by asking them questions about the processes if you won’t find that home selling/buying is a good investment? You definitely need all the information you can have and one source is your Listing Agent.


Agents have Professional Network

Real Estate Professional Network

Selling by yourself (FSBO) can be a daunting task and you might see yourself hiring the wrong people to do those jobs for you.Real Estate Agents especially those who are in the industry for quite some time built a network of people that they trust.

This includes contractors, digital / marketing teams, attorney, cleaning guys, etc., and you will not have a hard time finding quality service because if an Agent trust those guys and have worked with them for a long time? They must be good at what they do.They also have a list of contacts that they can call whenever a property is available, most of these contacts are Real Estate Investors who are actively looking for homes to buy.

 Remember that your listing agent will have a large network that can really give your property an exposure boost to those people that have the intent of buying a home.


Keep Emotions at Bay in the Selling Process

Real Estate Agents keep the emotions at bay in negitiations

Buyers will tend to say something silly about your house without hesitation and these words can hurt your feelings because sometimes, homes are close to our hearts.Your Real Estate Agent will probably not care about the other parties’ opinion and will deal with it professionally.Some houses will not be sold immediately and will be rejected by a buyer for some reason you can’t comprehend. It is a fact that selling your home is an emotional process and the burden of being rejected is painful.Your Real Estate Agent can take that burden away from you because most of the time they are the ones who will be facing the buyers.

 Imagine if you will talk to those buyers who continuously reject you? How does it feel?As Home Owner we have an urgency to sell, there will be times that we are chasing a deadline, so we give in to the price that the buyers dictate even though the selling price is very unfavorable in your end.

 These kinds of scenarios can be prevented if you are guided by a Real Estate Agent.


They Qualify Buyers

Buyer Qualifications by Real Estate Agent

Homeowners are pumped up whenever a prospect wants to view the house, but are they really serious? Or just curious?Weeding out buyers takes a lot of mental and emotional quotient, you need to know if they have the financial capability and the strong intent of buying your home.Realtors have a series of questions that can decipher a real buyer from “looking around” ones.

 The time, effort, and money wasted can’t be returned when you prepare for an open house or private viewing. Knowing if the buyer is a real deal gets you one step ahead of closing the sale.

Let’s face it FSBO doesn’t have these kinds of training and skill set, but yes you can google this or look for a YouTube video that discuss “How to qualify Buyers”, make sure to refer to the #3 section of this article and keep your emotions check during the qualifying process.


You will have less time wasted on Trial and Error

Trial and Error

So you managed to get your home listed as FSBO in MLS  Marketing, did they:

 Bother educating you on how to stage your home?

 Bother putting your ads on extra websites?

Gave you professional flyers for marketing?

 Do open houses?

 Gave you signage or directional signage for your “FOR SALE” Property?

 Made a social media exposure for your home?


If they don’t is it even worth it?

 Your Realtor can do the heavy lifting of these processes, you can learn by not trying but by asking.

This is their full-time job and most Real Estate Agents hone their craft to better serve their clients.

 They do their job so you can spend more time with your family or business.

Less Stress on Paper Works and Legal Issues

Relax and Sit back while Real Estate Agent do the paperwork

Have you seen the list of paper works needed in selling your house? The list is so long that it will take you quite some time to finish filing those to the right offices.

 A lot of legal papers are involved in the selling process, missing one can cause you a lot.

 If filing is time-consuming?How about the time to understand and make sure that you declared what you have to declare like defects, home hazards, etc.?Neglecting anything that can harm your buyer after they transfer can backfire on you.You must understand that not knowing the law is not an excuse to be accused.So, having a Realtor can make this delicate proceeding seamless.

Don’t worry if they neglect something, it will not backfire on you, they have professional insurance about this kind of mishap. You are completely out of the picture when this happens.

With all the information available on our worldwide web, the FSBO community pushes the sale of a house must be done by the owner. This is definitely doable only if you have the time, experience, and education on selling a house.

You can’t put a for sale sign outside of your house and get a qualified buyer right at the gate. Selling your house might be one of the biggest and thrilling transactions of your life.Emotions can creep in during the sales process and you will have a hard time making the right decision, worst part is, you will now know that you made a mistake until it’s too late.

 Real Estate Agents are trained to do the “Real Estate” selling and they can be your best ally on every transaction.Yes, they might take a commission from you, but isn’t it worth giving?They connect you with a broad network ranging from investors, qualified home buyers and contractors.They give you advice on things that can backfire soon.

 They can bring you back the time you should have spent learning what paper works to fill in and where to file too.They can save you a lot of headaches by giving you insights about certain issues that can happen or have already happened and they take care of it for you. And lastly, they are humans too, they work for you so they can feed their families and give them the life that they deserve.

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