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It is easier to find an agent who matches your requirements if you know exactly what you want. In the vast sea of real estate agents, you can’t just choose someone randomly. Find the right agent for you with our helpful tips!

1. Know what you need!

The home buying process is different for each individual, and each individual has different needs. Identify the qualities you look for in an agent and make sure they are present in your candidates.

What kind of communication style do you prefer, for example? Are you looking for someone who can reply to correspondence immediately, or are you more flexible? What if an agent gauged your lifestyle and preferences before taking the reins? Do you need super-personalized attention, or would you prefer a more hands-off approach?

2. Try using the internet!

Despite traditional methods like referrals and for-sale signs being valuable in your search, today’s internet offers a wealth of immediate resources.

You can use online tools to find top agents with proven track records who work with buyers like you, such as searching through sales records.

3. Research Potential Candidate

Look at the agent’s website. Check out their online reviews, too. It’s okay to have one or two negative reviews, but more than that could be a red flag.

If you’re considering using an agent, make sure you check their license or any disciplinary actions they may have. Check the Better Business Bureau website to see if the vet candidates you’re interviewing have received any complaints.

4. Ask your closest friends!

Finding a great agent can be made easier by referring trusted friends and family members. Knowing where to look for a successful, positive agent when facing an apparent endless number of options is invaluable.

Be sure to pay attention to agents who provide great service during and even after the home-buying process.


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