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Are you a first-time home seller?

A successful open house will make your chances bigger in selling your home fast.

In this article, we are going to teach you the steps our Real Estate Agency in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington is doing to launch a successful open house that will attract potential buyers to your home quickly.

But first, we need to understand, what is an open house?

Well in selling a home or property, it is not enough to just put a “house for sale” sign in your backyard. You will need a strategy that will create the best condition for potential buyers to act quickly and agree to your sale price.

In an open house, your probability of convincing them to buy the house at your desired selling price is so much bigger.

The impact of letting them experience every room and every corner of the house will make it easier to decide if they want it or not. That’s why we are going to teach you how to make them want the house.

1. Spread the word quickly!

An open house is useless if nobody will attend. You need to let them know that you will be conducting one. You can put an “Open House” sign with the date of it outside your home. Use all your social media platforms to get the word out. You should also start doing it a week before the open house. In that way, you can invite more people to come because they can schedule it earlier.

2. Keep the outside clean

The front yard will be the first one they will see. Make it nice and clean. It is important to give them a good impression that you are taking care of the house. Maybe it is time for you to cut the grass!

3. Do necessary repairs!

We don’t want them to experience a broken faucet. You need to fix this before the open house. make sure all the lights are working. and one more thing, consider repainting the walls!

4. Remove anything offensive

We want to get along with the buyers and reach an agreement on everything. So if you have a poster of your favorite football team, you might want to take that down unless all of them also love that particular team. Make the house beautiful but also bare. Let them imagine how they want to decorate the walls once they’ve decided to buy the place!

5. Let them feel at home!

One amazing trick we’ll teach you is setting up the dining table. Sometimes, buyers can imagine eating with their family at a beautifully set dining table.

6. Use sign-in forms

The purpose of this is to easily invite them to your other open houses. It is a great way of creating a network. Also, those people are potential clients as well, since you might help them in selling their house too in the future.

7. Safety First!

Since the pandemic is still here, we still need to follow safety protocols. Require them to bring face masks. We don’t want them getting Covid 19! So remember, safety first!

With those 7 steps, we are sure that you will launch a very successful Open House!

Don’t worry if you think you can’t do all of this. Our Real Estate Team is happy to do them all for you. Together, we will sell your home fast!

Here’s the bonus tip!


What are the documents you need before selling your home?

Selling your home can be a lot handful than you think.

That’s why it’s best to have a real estate agent to guide you and help you with whatever requirements you need to get.

Before selling your lovely home, here’s a list of documents you need to prepare to have a smooth transaction with interested buyers.


1. Professional Appraisal From The Original Purchase of Your Home

An appraisal is a professional assessment of the fair market value of your home that determines how much a mortgage lender will lend to a buyer.

2. Original Sales Contract

The original sales contract is the agreement you made with the previous owner of your home when you bought it.  

This way, the buyer makes no mistake about who has previously owned the house, and the terms and conditions under which it was transferred to a new owner.

3. Homeowners Insurance Records

You want to be transparent with your buyer about any damages and repairs made to your home.

This will also give the buyer an idea of how much their homeowners’ insurance will cost when they move in.

4. Mortgage Statement (Payoff Amount)

If you’re selling before you pay off your current mortgage in full, contact your lender or servicer and request a statement showing your payoff amount.

The payoff amount is the total you’ll have to pay to satisfy the terms of your mortgage loan, including any interest you owe until the day you plan to pay your loan in full. With that information, you’ll be able to calculate your estimated home sale proceeds.

5. Maintenance Records

Home repair and maintenance records are hard evidence of all that work you’ve done to your home while you’ve proudly owned it.

These records also let the buyers know what needs immediate attention when they move in. It includes Maintenance receipts such as roof repairs, chimney cleanings, appliance warranty plans, etc.

6. Past Utility Bills

Buyers will be curious to know how the electricity, gas, water, and sewer bills for your house shake out each month so they can budget accordingly.

Consider offering them a copy of whatever records you’ve got handy, whether it be hard or digital copies.


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